Are you looking for a special gift, personalized and unique? GIFT DECO


WEDDING: You have a wedding and you know that the bride and groom love decoration?

• You want to make a very special GIFT to someone who needs a decoration change but you know that time is tricky?

New mums/dads: Your friends are going to be mum and/or dads and you know it brings them upside down to get ready the baby’s room?

• Are you thinking of a good Christmas present unique and personal?

San Valentin, you want to ask your partner to go live together and you don’t know how? Decorating a home together is a very unique and special moment !!

• There are family who give everything for us, especially dedication and time, they, who always leave their things for the last, and you know that a new look would definitely come great to their home, gives away time, gives deco!!

All our packages have a fixed price per room!! Which makes it the IDEAL gift!!! Online interior design is a completely personalized service, tailored to the customer, taking into account their styles, needs and all their circunstances!!! Everything without moving from the couch, no schedules, no rush.

It is time! Book one of our packages and