Hello!!! We are Sonia and Beatriz, technical architectes and passionate about interior design !!!

We firmly believe in the influence of spaces on our mood and therefore on the importance of taking full care of the sensory experiences that spaces project in us !!!

Taking care of our space (work, rest, leisure) will improve our personal well-being !!!

After more than 14 years of practicing our profession, we felt it necessary to send our philosophy to everyone, easily and economically!!!

From “Entre tu casa y la mía” you can receive the design of your space from the sofa of your house thanks to the DESIGN ONLINE, we take care of doing it very easy for you!!

Our ONLINE methodology allows us to help clients around the world, without leaving home or face-to-face meetings!! Thanks to 3D interior design, you will save costs, time and energy, since you will be able to visualize the result that your space will have, before the works start!!!


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